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Online Distance Learning Courses for International Students

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Distant learning can be described as an opportunity to pursue any study course even when a student is not physically present in a traditional classroom setting. Online distance learning has enabled students (residing in different parts of the world) to pursue any course of their choice at any international university that offers online courses.

There are so many options to choose before you decide you should review your reasons for opting for online distant learning course.

Pros and cons of distant learning:

Pros: The biggest pro of online distant learning is you that do not have to be physically present in a classroom to receive education, if lives away from the study centre. You, yourself fix time for your studying as the material is at your disposal and you are not bound to a classroom schedule. It’s an amazing opportunity for professionals, who want to pursue new courses to increase their knowledge about new skills, as well as for people with restricted mobility (handicapped, injured etc) and women with responsibility to look after small children or elderly at home.

Cons: Due to internet it is easier to stay in touch with classmates and teachers via emails and online chat, but it’s a poor substitute for personal interaction. You might also miss out on campus fun and party activities etc. If you are one of those people who can’t keep up with their learning schedule and needs to be pushed to compete work. Then online learning isn’t for you.
Not everyone views distant learning as an advantage to students. However, saying that distant learning has more cons than pros would be wrong. And before you make the decision to enroll in any online distant learning program, you should be clear about your objective to do so.

Below we have mentioned some of the international university that provides students across the world with an opportunity to pursue courses online.

University of Oxford: One of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford University offers international students an opportunity to purse various short and long term and professional courses online.
More than 60 study (short term, long term and professional) courses are offered to students desirous of studying online art Oxford University. Some of courses offered are: creative writing, ecology, archaeology, architectural history, computing, Spanish, teaching skills, law, literature, Italian, human rights, history of arts, local history etc.
For more information on course and date of online application visit Oxford’s official website and click “view all online & distant learning classes” to find the course you are interested in.

Brighton School of Business and Management: Brighton School of Business and Management offers professionals across the globe opportunity to further sharpen their skills by offering various online distant learning courses.
From short term management courses to professional development to management and postgraduate courses are available in educational, professional and career development fields for those interested.
Visiting the official website of Brighton School of Business and Management will provide you with all the courses that can be studied and which one you would like to purse.

Atlantic International University: Various online distant learning courses are offered by the Atlantic International University for those who are interested in pursuing studies at bachelor, master’s and doctoral level.
At Bachelor Level, one can pursue courses such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science. At Masters Level, Master of Art, Master of Business Administration and Master of Science are offered. And at Doctorate Level Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Science and PhD Doctor of Philosophy are offered. For more information on courses and how to get started, visit

University of Exeter: University of Exeter too offers numerous courses for those who cannot attendant classes in person at the university. For such students and to widen its reach in educational sphere, university has started online distant learning plan. At the University of Exeter courses such Art History, Creative Writing, Egyptology, Film, Literature, Interdisciplinary, Environmental Studies and Archaeology etc are being offered to international students online.
To get in depth information on courses and last date of applying visit Universities official website

Harvard University Extension School: Numerous online courses are being offered by Harvard University Extension School to help students and professionals across the globe to widen their educational horizons. Courses are divided in two formats, fall and spring semesters, giving students’ choice to enroll when they can spare time for studying.
By browsing through you can easily find out all about the courses offered in fall and spring semesters.

The Chifley Business School: offers business and management training courses across Australia and internationally. The group offers short courses to nationally accredited certificate to diploma program to postgraduate programs etc., giving professionals’ world over freedom to pursue management studies (MBA) via distant learning program. (

Walden University: in the U.S. is another accredited university that provides students chance to purse higher studies online. Walden is well-known for offering online courses such as Masters, PhD & Doctorate degrees, Public Administration, Nursing training, Business etc. (

International Career Institute: offers courses at diploma, certificate and advanced diploma level in subjects such as marketing, business management, human resources, fashion design, journalism, hospitality management, photography etc. (

All these courses offered by some of the reputed educational institutions in the world provides international students with amazing opportunity to enhance their professional skills further that too without having to attend classes in person.

Another amazing opportunity to pursue study courses online is being provided by offered by top US universities such as Yale ( and Stanford University ( Also, Stanford University recently announced five free online courses and intends to increase the number in future.

Recently, edX, a boom in the world of online learners recently announced as a joint venture of MIT and Harvard University. Edx will serve as the base of new learning system. It will offer online courses with video lessons, quizzes, online laboratory etc . Both the universities are expecting the involvement of other universities in future which results in the accumulation of diversified educational content of many universities in a single website , It will help the students to access the course content of various universities via a single site. Because of its worldwide availability and modest fee it will soon acquire high rank in the choice list of the online learners. Keep yourself updated with upcoming courses and edX news and avail the best opportunity at edX

Beside these universities there are many other universities in this queue. Various courses are offered by the reputed educational institutions in the world to provide an opportunity to national and international students to enhance their professional skills further and upgrade their studies without having to attend classes in person.