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So the year 2013 is coming to an end and you’re already thinking about all your New Year’s Resolutions and what you want to achieve in 2014. You want to quit smoking, lose weight or do that online course. But after the initial motivational high of the first 2-3 weeks in January wears off, you start bailing on yourself and the day-to-day struggle with discipline kicks in. In February, you are back to normal, eating a kebab on the subway, drinking cheap coffee and you “simply don’t have the time” for studying.

If you want your 2014 to be more successful than 2013, read on and share this email with your friends!

See you in 2014!
Your Dominion team


Having a look back over the past year is the first step to making 2014 a success. Take out a piece of paper and write down what you achieved and what wasn’t so good about 2013. By doing that, you not only get a feeling of achievement, but you will also have a clear blueprint for judging how well 2014 went when the year ends.


After analyzing the previous year, it’s time to decide what you want to improve in 2014. Be sure not to burden yourself with too many ambitious goals. It is more likely that you will achieve your goals if you concentrate on 2-3 goals, rather than wanting to change everything at once.

  Be specific

Get specific! To say you “want to work out more” or “learn a language” doesn’t cut it. You need to be specific. Say you will “work out 3 times a week and lose 5 kilos by February 15.”


Writing down what you want to achieve is only half the battle. Now you actually need to follow through. Start by taking small steps to get you warmed up. Instead of thinking you will never understand how to develop Mobile Web Apps, start by taking the first unit of the course.

  Keep Track

After an initial motivational high you will notice your drive deplete. To keep you in the game, track your achievements. You can either write it on a piece of paper or use a digital app (i.e. Evernote, Lift or Chains). By keeping track of your achievements, you will see that even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are making progress!

Do Not Quit

If it happens that you slip and leave out a workout, don’t quit! It’s not over yet and it is perfectly normal to feel like you need to bail from time to time. The only thing that counts is that you get back at it. So dust yourself off and get back on the horse, because as they say, “Quitters never win and winners never quit”!

  Share with Friends

To get some leverage, tell your friends about your plans! Even better, ask them to follow your example and write down their goals for 2014. Then you can support each other in the hard times (and there will certainly be a few!) and celebrate the successes!


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